Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

Choosing the right color scheme

by Jo Ward

When remodelling your bathroom, you will need to make a lot of choices. One of the several choices you will need to make a decision upon involves the color scheme. Picking paint colors may be scary, especially with the understanding that when wrong colors are chosen, the entire remodeling project will appear bland and fall apart. Rather than advising you on what color best suits your bathroom, this article concentrates on ways you can work out what's the perfect color scheme for you. Read on for more insight.

Reasons why the a color scheme may not work

  • One way to clutter up your scheme is to select many colors in the mix. When very many colors are incorporated, there's no any single focusing point, and it triggers the human mind to be distracted and busy searching around for something to focus on or clutch onto.
  • Another possible reason is when there are very few colors with minimal contrast between them. When there's minimal contrast between the paint colors, particularly in very few, the bathroom space is likely to appear too bland and unattractive. For some reason, the human mind may think it is gross.

Judging from the information provided above, it's apparent that there is a right number or variety of numbers of color choices that if used, are most expected to succeed. What you should bear in mind is that simple color choices are always better when designing your bathroom, particularly if you have little or no experience in interior design.

In keeping it simple and successfully picking the right colors, restrict your limit of color options to three colors on the higher side. Choosing three colors that match well is far much easier than choosing five or more.

Therefore, how do you choose your three paint colors?

  • First, choose your favorite color choice. Then, go both up 3 shades for the lighter choice and down 3 shades for the dimmer pick.
  • Another option is to choose two colors that combine well together. Make sure there's adequate and not excessive contrast between them. Your trim should be your third choice color, which you will pick to paint a shade of wood or a neutral shade, like white.
  • The third option is to choose two colors that mix well on your bathroom walls. Your third color choice will be used specifically in accessorizing to provide a pop of color.

For more information, talk to a professional painter.


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Blue is the best colour

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