Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

Why Choose Domestic Plastering Over Drywall?

by Jo Ward

When renovating or constructing a home, you need to consider the materials you'll use for walls and ceilings. Drywall is a very popular choice, but it's not your only choice. Plastering is a good option and one that offers several advantages over drywall. If you haven't decided on a material for your home's walls and ceilings, note why plaster might be your best option.

1. No dust

Drywall needs to be sanded once it's installed, and this means creating a lot of dust; even if contractors use vacuum attachments to their tools, these vacuums can't catch all the debris that gets produced. This can be a problem for renovations when you don't want dust to settle on your furnishings and other items and for those who are concerned with how their construction affects the environment. All that drywall dust can become airborne and settle into groundwater, soil, and the like, and be very unhealthy. Plaster, on the other hand, doesn't typically require any sanding and doesn't produce as much dust, if any, from its application.

2. Corners and gaps

Plastering a surface allows for all corners to be completely covered, with no gaps in any area such as you might see with drywall. Having to cut and fit drywall sheets can often mean slight gaps around walls and ceiling corners, and even with drywall tape, this can mean allowing out more heat and air conditioning during winter and summer seasons. Additionally, plaster can be easily smoothed over around those corners for a much better look; the corners seem as if they were created with one continuous piece, rather than allowing gaps and dips that you might otherwise notice when drywall tape needs to be used.

3. Variety of finishing shapes and styles

If your home has rounded archways or you want something like crown molding added, this can be very expensive and almost impossible to create with plain drywall. However, the soft nature of plaster allows you to mold it into any shape imaginable, and stamps used for plaster can help a plasterer create the look of molding, cornices, art deco decorations, and the like. Rather than having drywall installed and then having crown molding cut and nailed into place over this, using plaster allows you to create this look while the plaster is being applied, so not only do you have more choices when you choose plaster, but the job can also typically be done much faster as well.

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Blue is the best colour

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