Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

Interior Paint Finishes - A Beginner's Guide

by Jo Ward

If you've decided to redecorate your home, you will probably have an idea in mind as to the kind of look you want for your interior décor scheme.  For a really smart finish in quick time, you're best advised to hire a professional, commercial painting contractor to do the job for you.  However, you will still need to decide what kind of paint finish you want for each room. 

Here's a quick overview of the different types of paint finishes that are available for you to choose from.

Flat finish Paint that gives a flat finish is usually only available as a latex paint.  Flat finish is the least shiny of all the paint finishes, giving an opaque, non-reflective look.  Don't choose flat finish paint for your kitchen or bathroom, as it doesn't clean easily.  If you have small children, avoid using flat finish paint for their rooms; if the paint is marked by fingerprints or pen, you'll have to paint over them.  

Eggshell finish Eggshell finish paint is very popular for a decorative finish in rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms.  It gives a soft lustre, which creates a pleasant ambiance when teamed with low lighting.  Eggshell finish doesn't clean particularly easily, making it unsuitable for use in kitchens or bathrooms.  

Satin finish Satin finish paint is probably the most popular choice for many people.  It's a versatile finish that gives more sheen than eggshell, and it is also easier to wipe clean.  Satin finish works just as well on woodwork as it does on walls. Waterproof satin finish paint is available that's specifically designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms.  

Semi-gloss finish Semi-gloss paint gives walls and ceilings a subtle amount of sheen.  It can be used on woodwork too, and it can be cleaned easily, making it suitable for kids' rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.  

High-gloss finish High-gloss paint is generally used for doors, window frames and the like, rather than for walls and ceilings, as it gives a very shiny, almost polished look that can be too harsh under normal lighting for bedrooms and living areas. High gloss paint is easy to clean and can even be scrubbed without inflicting damage on the finish.

When choosing paint finishes, it should be noted that the higher the sheen, the more intense and darker the final colour will turn out.  In addition, the glossier the finish, the more the paint will reflect light.  This can highlight imperfections in your walls, which could be a problem, unless you're having the walls skimmed before painting.

In conclusion

When you have your home painted, bear in mind the above information when it comes to choosing the perfect paint finish.  For more advice, have a chat with a reputable local commercial painting contractor.


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Blue is the best colour

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