Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

How to Choose the Ideal Paint Color For Your Garage Door

by Jo Ward

There is nothing worse than putting in time and effort to decorate your home's exterior, only to have it marred by an ugly garage door. One of the rules of painting the garage door and any other large exterior fixture is that it should flow with the rest of your color scheme. However, there are certain colors which look good in your home's interior, but when used on the garage door can give it an unattractive look. You can avoid the disappointment of a failed garage door paint job by following these tips when choosing the ideal color for the fixture.

Choose a complementary color

One of the most important things to have in mind is that the garage door color should complement the rest of the décor. Pick a color that will keep the garage in tune with the house rather than make it dramatically stand out. Some of the best colors that you can select are neutrals such as beige, brown, white, and gray. One of the advantages of these colors is that they will flow with any color scheme without contrasting with the rest of the home.

Avoid dramatic projects

Home decorating is all about showcasing your personal style and taste through color, patterns, personalized themes, and the like. Your home's interior is a private space, and it is easy to choose your color schemes and themes without getting judged by neighbors and passersby. However, when decorating the home's exterior, you want to avoid projects that may be defined as tacky and distasteful.

For instance, you may find it fun to use a themed mural for your garage door. However, when other people see it, they may question your taste and sense of style rather than appreciate it. Keep the garage door color and design simple and non-dramatic and aim for something that blends with the rest of the house.

Consider the value of the home

The garage door can add value to your home or ruin its aesthetics depending on the colors chosen for the paint job. If you want to resell the home in the future, you should keep the paint job elegant and appealing. Potential buyers can overlook a beautiful home just because of how the garage door looks. Add value to your home and increase its competitiveness on the market by getting the ideal paint colors and getting the work done by a professional.

Not sure of which colors are best suited for your garage door? Consider seeking professional guidance so that you can have a garage door that will improve the curb appeal of your exterior space. For more information, contact companies like Dyson Painters.


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Blue is the best colour

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