Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

Paint The Target: Why And How Should I Have The Concrete Floor Of My Warehouse Painted?

by Jo Ward

In the interior of a sprawling industrial warehouse, aesthetics aren't exactly a top priority, and you might dismiss the idea of having your warehouse's concrete floor painted as needless showboating. However, painting the concrete floor of a warehouse isn't simply done to spruce the place up; when done correctly, it can also have a wide variety of practical benefits, and any warehouse owner or operator with a bare concrete floor should seriously consider taking the time and money to have their floors professionally painted.

What are the benefits of having my concrete floor painted?

Increased durabiliy

Toughening up your concrete floor might seem unnecessary; after all, concrete isn't exactly fragile. However, while concrete can shrug off everyday wear from heavy foot traffic and heavier vehicles (such as forklifts), it is more vulnerable to sudden impact damage. Dropping a particularly hard and heavy item on a concrete floor, such as a cargo crate or engine block, can cause cracking and crumbling around the impacted area, which can pose a serious trip hazard to your employees.

Covering your concrete floor with a less brittle and more flexible coating helps to guard against these mishaps, and a painted concrete floor is more likely to simply dent when subjected to heavy impacts rather than shatter. Since concrete repairs aren't exactly cheap, painting your floor can actually save you money in the long run that would otherwise be spent on repairing cracks.

Increased light levels

Pale paint colours are particularly popular choices for industrial warehouses, as they reflect large quantities of light.  This allows a warehouse to cut down on the amount of artificial light it uses to light its interior, which can case considerable amounts of money by lowering energy bills. It also helps to lower your warehouse's carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. For the most effective results, choose a gloss or semi-gloss finish paint for your floors.

Directions for employees

Painting a concrete warehouse floor doesn't necessarily mean painting the entire floor in a single, uniform colour. Many warehouses have designs such as guiding lines and directional arrows painted on their concrete floors, which can help employees (particularly new hires) navigate large, labyrinthine industrial warehouses more quickly and efficiently.

How should I have my warehouse's concrete floor painted?

Naturally, painting the enormous surface area of the average industrial warehouse's floor isn't a job for a few workers with paintbrushes. If you decide to paint your concrete floor, you should call in a professional industrial painting outfit, who have the tools and experience required to give your floor a durable, professional finish. Professional industrial painters will also be able to advise you on paint choices, protective sealants and other options which can further increase the durability of your newly pained floor.


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Blue is the best colour

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