Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

What to Know When Choosing Epoxy Floors for Your Concrete Garage

by Jo Ward

Garage floors go through a lot of abuse, from oil and gasoline spills to heavy traffic of the vehicles. Without quality floor coatings, garage floors can undergo a lot of wear and lose their shine within a short period. That is why you should consider choosing epoxy floors for your garage. One advantage of this option is that epoxy can be installed over another flooring such as concrete, and this makes the installation affordable. Also, epoxy is resistant to staining and damage from oil, gasoline, and chemical spills, and this makes it a suitable option for your garage floor.

Before going through with the installation, you need to put the following things in mind as they will determine the best epoxy flooring for your project.

Consider the uses of the garage

Garages are not just used to pack vehicle at night. They can be used as storage rooms for power tools, farm equipment, and DIY supplies. Other people also transform a part of their garage into a home office or children play area. When installing epoxy floors, think about what the garage will be used for. This will help you choose the best epoxies that will promote convenience and extend the durability of the flooring. For example, if the garage experiences heavy foot traffic, you need slip resistant epoxies. For heavy vehicle traffic, go for thick coatings that can withstand the weight of the cars. If you use the garage to refill gas in lawn mowers or mix paint, go for epoxies with a high resistance to chemicals.

Assess the state of the concrete

When installing epoxies over concrete flooring, you need to examine the physical state of the concrete beforehand. You don't want to apply epoxy over damaged floors as this will do little to improve the aesthetics of the garage door. If the concrete is cracked, carry out the necessary repairs before applying the epoxy. Also, clean the floor and leave it to dry before using the epoxy flooring. Cleaning gets rid of debris and allows the coating to adhere well to the surface.

Ensure proper curing

Epoxy flooring is made up of a combination of hardeners and resins. These require adequate time to cure and adhere well to the concrete for optimal results. So, make proper arrangements to allow adequate time for curing. This means that you only install the flooring when the garage is not in use. The area should be cordoned off and no one should enter the garage until after the epoxy is cured and completely dry.

Epoxy floors are durable and beautiful, but these issues need to be taken into consideration during installation. Work with a flooring contractor who can offer insightful tips on how to achieve perfectly done epoxy flooring.


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Blue is the best colour

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