Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

How Well-Marked Car Park Lines Will Boost Your Customer Base

by Jo Ward

If you feel like you're losing customers, your car park could be to blame. It may sound surprising, but having new car park lines painted is actually a great way to boost your customer base and help you retain more loyal buyers. Here are three ways it could help you.

It Will Maximise Your Capacity

The more cars you can fit in your car park, the more customers you can accommodate throughout the day. However, when you don't have clearly marked lines, customers tend to park their cars wherever they want. This often ends up leaving sizeable gaps between cars that are far larger than necessary, yet too small for another car to fit into, drastically reducing your capacity. Marking out clear and distinct spaces of the right size will ensure none of the area goes to waste and stop customers from being turned away. For reference, the recommended width of a parking space starts at around 2.4m by 5.4m in Sydney and other places across Australia. Parallel spaces should be longer, and wider spaces are required in places with high turnover or where goods are loaded (like shopping centres).

It Makes Your Car Park Safer

If your car park doesn't have clearly defined lines, it's very hard for customers to understand the flow of traffic and know where they need to look to stay safe. Letting cars pull in and pull out wherever they please puts customers (especially children) at risk of ending up in a serious collision. As such, the increased safety risk is likely to put many people off visiting your establishment. And, if your poorly marked or unmarked car park does cause an accident, you may find yourself kissing your customer base (and your livelihood) goodbye for good. Alongside marking out the spaces themselves, you can also increase safety by marking out safe pedestrian walkways as well as designating specific spaces for disabled passengers, families and women (who are at risk of being attacked in car parks at night).

It Makes You Look More Trustworthy

Trust is key to any business. If your customers don't trust you, they won't buy from you. One big component of trust is professionalism. The more professionally presented your establishment is, the higher esteem customers will hold you in. That's why it's very hard for customers to trust a business with shoddy line marking in their car park. After all, if you don't care about making your car park attractive and safe, what else don't you care about? To a customer, the way you present your business reflects the quality of both your service and your products. A fresh coat of link marking paint can really boost your appearance and your customers' trust.


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Blue is the best colour

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