Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

3 Things a Professional Painter Will Do to Help You Get Excellent Results

by Jo Ward

If you have noticed dents, stains or scratches on your walls, then it means that it's time to repaint them. But the question is, will you DIY or hire a professional painter? When you choose to paint the walls yourself, the project is bound to fail because painting projects require expertise and proper planning. Whether you are painting your house or commercial space, it's safer to assign the task to professional painters to avoid making costly mistakes. 

For instance, if you follow the wrong painting procedure or use the wrong paint and painting materials, you will have to redo the work and buy new materials, incurring more unexpected expenses. But when you hire a professional painter, your painting project will run smoothly without straining your budget. Below are three things a professional painter will do to ensure the project is a success.

They Will Create a Project Plan

The first thing a professional painter will do is plan how they will carry out the painting task. They will determine your requirements—if you want to paint the interior, exterior or both—and then share their opinion on the matter. They'll then recommend the best paint products to use and help you choose paint colours that will match your furniture or other decor items. The painter will also determine the painting supplies your painting project needs, provide a detailed quotation and determine how long it will take to complete the project.

They Will Prepare the Area

The next step is to prepare the area before the painting work starts. First, they will remove the wall decor and store it in a safe place. They will then move the furniture and other items to a different room and cover them. The experts will also patch holes, remove any grime or dirt on the wall and sand the surface to eliminate the peeling paint.

They Will Handle the Paint Job

Now that the walls are clean, patched and buffed, it is time to do the paintwork. The painter will start by applying a suitable primer coat using a roller or brush. They will let it dry for several hours to create an excellent surface for the topcoat. They may apply another coat of primer if the first one isn't adequate.

Once the primer dries, the painter will apply the first paint coat and let it dry too. This will take several hours, depending on the climatic conditions and aeration level. They will apply the second paint coat, which might take a full day to dry.

Paintwork may seem simple, but it requires a professional approach to get excellent results. That's why it's always prudent to hire a professional painter whenever you want to paint your walls, ceiling or even the entire house. They know painting procedures to follow, how to prepare the surfaces for the paint, and how to apply the paint professionally. Therefore, consider hiring a professional painter to manage your painting project, no matter how big or small it might be.


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Blue is the best colour

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