Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

Get Ready to Paint the Exterior of Your Home: 4 Tips

by Jo Ward

Painting the outside of your property can seem like a daunting job. But don't worry, you can easily tackle this task if you are well-prepared. Here are four tips on how to prepare for painting the exterior of your home so that it looks great.

1. Inspect Your Home's Exterior

Before you begin painting, take a walk around your home and inspect its exterior. Look for any cracks or other damages that need repair, as well as areas where paint is chipping or peeling off. You may want to hire a professional to do repairs if necessary, but make sure you address any issues before beginning the painting process.

2. Clean and Prepare the Surface

Once all repairs have been made, use a pressure washer to clean all surfaces of your home's exterior thoroughly. This will help ensure that dirt and debris do not get trapped in any crevices or cracks in the wall, which can create an uneven finish when painted over. Then, use sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots on the walls before applying primer and paint.

3. Choose Quality Paint

When it comes time to choose paint for your home's exterior, opt for high-quality products with good coverage and durability ratings, and avoid choosing painting based solely on price. Instead, focus on getting quality products that will last longer and give better results in the long run. Pay attention to colours as well — choose hues that are complementary to one another and work with existing elements of your home's design, such as landscaping or nearby buildings.

4. Get All Necessary Supplies

There are several supplies needed for painting an entire house, such as brushes, rollers, trays, drop cloths, ladders, painter's tape, a caulk gun and more! Make sure you have all these items on hand before beginning so you don't have any surprises during the process that could slow down progress or even cause problems if not addressed properly from the start.


With proper preparation, painting an entire house is definitely achievable! Follow these five tips when getting ready to tackle this project so that it goes smoothly, from inspecting and cleaning surfaces to selecting quality paint supplies. Make sure everything is ready before starting work, so that end results look great and last for years.

For more information about painting your home or another building, reach out to a local company that offers these services.


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Blue is the best colour

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