Blue is the best colour

Blue is the best colour

  • Let the Sun Shine in – Simple Tricks for Adding Natural Light to Any Room

    Some houses are blessed with abundant natural light. The sunlight streams into every room of the home, creating a bright and beautiful interior that looks like it leapt right off the pages of a magazine. Other homes are not so lucky. The windows are small, the colors are dark, and little natural light reaches the interior. If your home falls into this category, you do not have to cut up the walls and add more windows to enjoy a brighter and airier interior.

  • Understand the Various Wallpaper Pattern Matches that Could Be Used in Your Home

    All wallpapers, except murals and textures, have been designed to display some form of pattern repeat. Understanding the nature of these repeat patterns is very necessary as it affects the number of rolls to be purchased and the manner in which it is hang on your wall. The repeat pattern comes as a result of the vertical distance between one position on the wallpaper to the next identical position vertically. The continuous repeat on the surface hence creates an integral part of the desired design of the wallpaper.

  • How to Choose the Ideal Paint Color For Your Garage Door

    There is nothing worse than putting in time and effort to decorate your home's exterior, only to have it marred by an ugly garage door. One of the rules of painting the garage door and any other large exterior fixture is that it should flow with the rest of your color scheme. However, there are certain colors which look good in your home's interior, but when used on the garage door can give it an unattractive look.

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Blue is the best colour

My favourite colour is blue. I have just moved into a new house and it's so bland and beige at the moment. I need to get busy and start painting the walls and hang some wall paper to introduce some of my different colour into the house in different ways. If you also love blue you'll know how flexible and interesting the colour can be in all of it's differents shades and tones. This blog has my inspiration on introducing blue in your walls and all around your home. There is no need to be blue about the lack of blue in your home!